As a fan fiction podcast, we hope to provide you with resources to help you when writing! This page will contain links to Buffy-related websites, links to websites to help with research on any topic (history, LGBTQ, astronomy, demons... the sky is the limit on what you can research), links to websites that will help improve writing and other sites for Buffy inspiration!

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Places to Post Your Fanfiction:

Year Round Communities

  • nekid-spike is a members-only, 18+ community for fic, art, and other fanworks focused mainly on SPIKE, though other characters are allowed when they’re chosen as the current “guest”. There are regular prompts, and Spike doesn’t have to be nude all the time, despite the comm name.

  • femslash-minis is the Jossverse FEMSLASH Minificathon Series. They typically have a round every two weeks, focusing on a character or theme.

    bloodclaim is a SPANDER community for fic, art, and Spike/Xander-related searches and requests.

Seasonal Communities

  • seasonal-spuffy is for new SPUFFY fanworks of almost any kind. We are on DW and FB.

  • noel-of-spike Runs sometime around Christmas and welcomes all pairings and gen in any format of new or old fanworks, as long as there’s SPIKE or William and a holiday theme.

  • whichwillow the Which Witch Ficathon, people choose from a range of WILLOW-related prompts and write a new story of at least 1500 words.

  • summer-of-giles is a “two month extravaganza of Giles-y goodness” that accepts GILES fic and art for any ships/gen. 

  • twistedshorts is a short fic challenge community of the BtVS and AtS- centered CROSSOVER archive Twisting the Hellmouth. They have an AO3 collection TwistedShorts. Their latest event ran for all of August 2018, and more than 200 fic were posted!

  • tonyhead-awards, the Headline Awards, are yearly fic and art awards celebrating the Anthony Head fandom, including GILES. Nominations start on January 1. They’re also at and @headlineawards

Buffy Resources & Inspiration

Writing Tips & Tools

  • Grammarly - To help with spelling and grammar

  • Paragraph Help - Fix Common Paragraph Mistakes

  • Brit/American Speak - Britspeak to Amerispeak directory, special thanks to dr_girlfriend

  • Punctuation

  • Filter Words - How to Recognize and Replace them

  • Draft - Platform that tracks words per day (Similar to Google Docs)

  • Reedsy - Write in a professional book format, Edit, Collaborate, Distribute & Get Professional Assistance

  • Hemingway Editor - Highlights adverbs, passive voice, and dull, complicated words

  • Readability Score - Tells you roughly what level of education someone would need in order to read your piece of text easily

  • Cliche Finder - Highlights cliches in your text so you can avoid overused expressions in your writing

Productivity Tools

  •  Todoist - You can create a custom schedule for every single day, for reminding you of your daily writing goals

  •  Trello - Organize and plan writing projects and working collaboratively, like an online bulletin board

  • Marinara Timer - A traditional 25-minute timer followed by pre-programmed breaks or you can customize the time

  • Evernote - Creating to-do lists, jot down notes, take audio notes, and save articles for quick reference while working on projects

  • Writing Schedule Calculator - Estimate how long it will take for you to write your book

  • Hipster Sound - An ambient noise generator that recreates the sounds of cafes

  • Noisli - A selection of different nature sounds to create your perfect writing environment