Theme: Love / Fluff

Contest Object: Giles Wizard Costume

The story is set some time between 'Wrecked' and 'Hell's Bells.' The relationships between the Scoobies are all fraught with tension. Dawn wonders if there is anything she could do to fix it all.

By WillowFromBuffy


The Limericked Adventures of Bob the Hellmouth Cop


Theme: Jobs / Making Money

Challenge Object: Joyce's Handcuffs

A set of limericks that very loosely follows the course of the series from the POV of the Sunnydale police.

By TheNewBuzWuzz


A Place Beyond the Rains

April Contest Winner

Theme: Rain

Contest Object: Broken Yogurt Machine

When Buffy jumped through Glory's portal, she found herself here, trapped in a pocket dimension between the universes. Now she passes her time working in the diner of a weird truck stop in a place that has no trucks and battling against her new nemesis, a broken frozen yogurt machine, as she fantasizing about rescue and looks for a way home. When someone finally does arrive, things don't exactly go as she'd imagined.

By TheWiggins



March Contest Winner

Theme: Stars

Challenge Object: FootBall

To prevent the Apocalypse Giles sacrifices himself to the Hellmouth. Unable to let him go, the Scoobies work to bring him back only to discover the Giles that returned is nothing like the one they knew. Now they have to work to rehabilitate him to see if a shred of their old Watcher remains.

By ZaiaFantasy