So It Is (Re)Written

The Nobody Dies AU/rewrite that no one asked for, where everyone lives for a long-term plot reason but things don't necessarily end up better.

By 23Murasaki & StormySongBird


Shelf Life

Giles' idea of selling some of his favourite novels at the Magic Box isn't just a bad business idea. When one of Willow's spells inevitably goes wrong, our heroes find themselves trapped in a series of classic novels. Now they have to be good little postmodernists and subvert the hell out of them to get out.

By Beer_Good


Buffy - Return of the Vampire Slayer

The slayers activated by Willow fight a terrible war against vampires, demons and dark sorcerers. Just as the vampires are almost exterminated the slayers all lay down their arms and assume regular lives. Buffy quits the Scoobies and marries a man named Matt.

More than 20 years later, the vampires return. Buffy has just left her husband. Xander has become an addict and hasn't been heard from in years. Willow went missing in South America long ago. Giles is back in Englad. Angel is human. Spike is slumbering in a tomb, waiting to be awoken by the final apocalypse.

Can our heroes come together to fight the coming darkness? Who the hell is Matt?

By WillowFromBuffy