The Sunnydale Fanfic Club

This is the podcast where we read & discuss the BEST in Buffy fanfiction!

We are so excited to celebrate fanfiction and put a spotlight on the authors that take lots of their precious time to write fanfiction. We get a behind the scenes look at their stories, get great writing advice & ask the authors your fan questions!


With Your Hosts

JforJenny & QuinciWho




Jessica has her Bachelors degree in Communication Studies and is responsible for passing along the Buffy virus to everyone she meets. Along with doing much of the "Behind the Scenes" tech work for the podcast, she harbors a very unhealthy obsession for Rupert Giles and Jenny Calendar. She is also responsible for introducing her best friend to fan fiction! 



Quinci has her B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico and has done several writing workshops at Cambridge in England. She prides herself on being a #BlackNerd. Not only has she always beta'd for JforJenny but has her own fan fictions and original works. QuinciWho gives the podcast insight into #BlackTwitter and plenty of writing advice and vocabulary lessons!